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Tiny Ethernet I/O Modules with PoE from ICP Das

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article image Tiny Ethernet I-O Module with PoE

ICP Electronics Australia  announces the introduction of IP-based Tiny Ethernet I/O monitoring and control modules from ICP Das.  

The t(P)ET-P2R2/tET-P2R2 I/O modules can be remotely controlled through a 10/100M Ethernet network by using Modbus TCP/UDP protocol.  

Modbus has become a standard communications protocol in industry, and is now the most commonly available means of connecting industrial electronic devices, making the t(P)ET-P2R2/tET-P2R2 I/O modules ideal for integration into the HMI, SCADA, PLC and various software systems.  

Key features of the tET-P2R2 and tPET-P2R2 Tiny Ethernet I/O modules: 

  • Contains 2 channels of photo-isolated digital inputs and 2 channels of form-A power relay outputs
  • Can be used to create a DI to DO pair-connection through the Ethernet
  • Powerful 32-bit MCU enables efficient handling of network traffic
  • Built-in web server provides an intuitive web management interface to allow users to modify the settings of the module including DHCP/Static IP and gateway/mask
  • Designed for ultra-low power consumption offering true IEEE 802.3af-compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE) using a standard category 5 Ethernet
  • Can also accept power input from a terminal block if no PoE is present
  • Built-in dual watchdog timer (CPU watchdog and host watchdog) ensures continuous operation of the modules even in harsh environments
  • CPU watchdog automatically resets the CPU if the built-in firmware is operating abnormally
  • Host watchdog’s digital output is set with a predefined safe-value when there is no communication between the module and the host for a period of time

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