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ICP-DAS’ new intuitive website interface WISE-2241M

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article image WISE or Web Inside, Smart Engine offers a user-friendly website interface

ICP Electronics Australia announces the release of ICP-DAS’ new intuitive website interface, WISE-2241M.

WISE or Web Inside, Smart Engine offers a user-friendly website interface that allows users to implement IF-THEN-ELSE control logic on controllers in just a few clicks without any programming. With the built-in IF-THEN-ELSE logic engine, WISE can execute the automation logic in a stable and efficient way – it also provides mathematic operation, schedule and email alarm message sending functions.

Additionally, WISE supports I/O module connection, I/O data logging and IoT platform integration, and allows connection to XV-board, DCON I/O modules, and Modbus TCP/RTU slave modules all together. The wide range of selection options enables flexibility in I/O module integration to meet the requirements from various applications.

WISE provides the MQTT client, and can directly connect to major public IoT cloud platforms (such as Microsoft Azure or IBM Bluemix) and MQTT Broker. WISE also provides well thought out CGI command functions to integrate with IP cameras for access control applications.

Based on I/O module connection ability, intelligent logic control, data logging, and various communication protocols supported (SNMP, MQTT and Modbus TCP/RTU), WISE can help the IT/MIS/MES/SCADA system to manage the field side I/O modules and sensors efficiently in the application such as unmanned facility room monitoring, intelligent factory and environment monitoring.

In addition to being a concentrator of I/O modules and sensors, WISE is also a gateway to transfer sensor data to the IoT cloud platform, making the interface the best choice for the IoT age.

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