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Electronic transistors, fans and semiconductors provided by ICM Components

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ICM Components  offers its clients in Australia with a wide range of products related to the semiconductor and electronic parts industry. ICM Components offers a wide range of LEDs, display units, bridge rectifiers and diodes in addition to also supplying a variety of transistors. Transistors from ICM Components include numerous sub categories like triacs, thyristors, MOS FETs and Power FETs, power transistors, general purpose transistors, SMD transistors, Japanese transistors of the 2S and 3SK series, IGBT modules and SCRs.

Special power transistors from Semelab, Samsung semiconductors, Fairchild semiconductors ad Philips are supplied by ICM Components. The MCR and CS8 series of thyristors from Ixys Corp. and Teccor Elect are also provided by ICM Components. Mitsubishi Semiconductors also supplies the TM series of thyristors through ICM Components.

The BCR and BT series of triacs are also offered by ICM Components that include models of various power specifications and dimensions. Twelve volt fans from various companies are also provided by ICM Components that are priced nominally and are used in a variety of electronic systems.

ICM Components also offers a range of microprocessors, integrated circuits, Opto couplers, peripherals, CMOS logic units, linear series and memory units.

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