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Australian innovator assists industry save water

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iBulk , a producer of internationally renowned process equipment, has a long history providing unique, cost effective and environmentally friendly process solutions across a broad range of industries.

As Australia faces its greatest battle against drought in recorded history, one company is doing their best to assist industry to make more efficient use of our most important asset, water.

They formulated solutions to identify smarter and more efficient ways of utlising available resources. With the recent water crises, iBulk's R&D department has been working overtime to assist industry save this precious resource.

iBulk has developed water saving solutions for a broad cross-section of industry segments including agriculture, minerals and pharmaceutical to name a few, but the most impressive results have been achieved in both laundry and food preparation areas.

Taking a  holistic view of their client’s problems and try to provide solutions that in many cases, provide additional benefits than those flagged in the initial brief. An example of this is the work Ibulk have done in the laundry industry.

Initially they were approached to assist commercial laundries reduce sewer charges by removing solids from waste water.But on further analysis the iBulk team was able to reduce water consumption through the filtering and reuse of recycled water.

iBulk’s solution included the installation of vibrating Sweco screen that proved extremely efficient at removing lint from waste water, improving the quality of this grey water to a point where it can be in a number of additional applications. The team at iBulk truly believes that the reuse of high quality grey water will become a major contributor to water saving in Australia and around the world as it will become suitable to use in more and more situations.

Static sieves have long been the standard in this field, but they have a tendency to clog and therefore require a large amount of maintenance, including frequent washing. Following the development and installation of a vibrating sieve, they found that the cleaning and maintenance cycles were reduced and that were actually able to reuse the higher quality grey water it produces in the heat exchanger. In the past, drinking water would have been used in this application.

iBulk's vibrating sieves also assist companies save water by reducing the cleaning and maintenance cycles, compared with static sieves and, of course, the quality of waste water was also vastly improved, definitely a win-win on all fronts.

The 48inch separator installed in this case example has the ability to handle flow rates of 280-570 litres per minute making it perfect for high volume applications.

“At iBulk we pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions that not only increase productivity and reduce costs for our clients, but in the long run, will also have a positive effect on the environment,” added Mr Webber.

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