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Wide range of capping machinery

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article image BORGO 16-head capping machine.

IBS Systems Group Australia offers a range of capping equipment to suit all applications working with plastic packaging (plastic caps and PET bottles) and glass packaging.

IBS offers machines suited to all types of closures such as but not limited to crown seals, aluminium screw caps, ROPP closures and STEL caps, corks both natural and synthetic, and plastic screw caps.

Capping machines are presently installed in all areas of manufacturing.

The capping machines can be offered as standalone machines or can be matched to a rotary filling machine (monobloc). The BORGO range of capping machines is easy to install, run and maintain. Depending on the application IBS can offer capping machinery with a standard turret mounted cap feeder, or capping machines with floor mounted cap feeders as featured in the photo.

Machines are available from a single head unit - 4-head - 6-head and upwards. The machine pictured is a 16-head machine. The capping heads once set to the required torque, maintain a constant and reliable torque setting.

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