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Equipment management solutions from iSolutions International

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iSolutions International  offers equipment management solutions and equipment life cycle costing asset intensive and mining industries. iSolutions International has presence in 100 mine sites across the world. iSolutions International provides equipment management professional with processes and systems tom continually access the equipment performance.

The various modules offered by iSolutions International includes equipment maintenance, life cycle cost modeling, work execution and downtime, planning and scheduling, budgeting and forecasting, equipment issues management and plant hire services.

iSolutions International offers wide range of products and services including AMT enterprise, AMT lite, framework, consulting services and AMT modeling. iSolutions International offers equipment maintenance solutions to the contractors, dealer solutions, small operations and mining companies.

The AMT lifecycle management software offered by iSolutions International is used by mines across the globe. This software is used to optimizer maintenance strategy, perform feasibility studies, plan equipment disposal, produce field driven maintenance budgets and reduce risk.

The maintenance tools used by iSolutions International include life cycle costing, haul truck comparison, maintenance costing and loading truck productivity.

iSolutions International supplies AMT software that adds value to maintenance and transactional systems to improve streamline and decision making system.

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