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Wi-Fi now as easy as dial-up

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IPASS Incorporated has announced a new version of the iPassConnect interface to its iPass Corporate Access enterprise connectivity service.

The iPassConnect 3.0 service interface is focused on providing enhanced control to the enterprise IT department of how, where and by whom corporate networks are accessed.

At the same time it enables a protected and simple user experience across a broad range of connectivity technologies - including Wi-Fi hotspots, on-campus wireless LANs and home broadband services for telecommuters.

The new version of iPassConnect is more than an upgrade to the iPass' 2.x series client. After considerable research and development that included working directly with customers, the iPassConnect 3.0 is a complete redesign.

The older client was based on technology developed in the earliest days of iPass to aggregate dial-up networks.

This new modular design allows iPass to more easily integrate new IP network technologies and policy-based systems as well as scale the service to meet the requirements of enterprise customers.

iPass worked with customers and technology partners to improve the users' connection experience across a broad range of connectivity technologies, but especially in Wi-Fi environments.

To determine product requirements, iPass ran focus groups on four continents to analyse how actual remote and mobile workers make connection choices.

To connect using the new interface, a user may only need to know where he is located, and the available connectivity options are presented to him.

Should any iPass Enterprise-Ready Wi-Fi hotspots be in range, they are presented to the user for simple selection.

When the user selects a Wi-Fi network, the iPassConnect 3.0 interface will handle the configuration of the user's Wi-Fi hardware for proper operation.

The user need not have any interaction with the Wi-Fi device.

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