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Weidmüller GPRS alarm modem available from iOpen

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The application range of the Weidmüller IE-GPRS-I/O alarm modem is signalling, warning and teleservicing. Every IE-GPRSI/ O includes a microprocessor with a GPRS/GSM transmission module. The IE-GPRS-I/O, available from iOpen , is interesting for those users who wish to have data from a plant available for mobile applications or in the Internet. For example:

  • Users need to be able to call up their plant data at any time, even from remote locations. They can choose to receive an SMS, a fax or an e-mail.
  • Users need their engineers to be informed about certain plant statuses, even when there is nobody on site. The IE-GPRS-I/O can, for example, send an SMS or call one or more engineers automatically once certain plant statuses have been reached.
  • Users need not only information about their plant, but also need to intervene in plant operations at all times from virtually any location in the world. The IE-GPRS-I/O gives them access to the plant at any time through the integral RS232 port.
  • Users need data from a plant that is not connected through a telephone or a network. The IE-GPRS-I/O can be located anywhere where GSM mobile telephone reception is guaranteed, even at locations remote from the plant.

Furthermore, the IE-GPRS-I/O provides the option of setting up a leased line for one of the inexpensive M2M rates. This makes, for example, central data loggers with Internet connection interesting, which replace expensive in situ data loggers and can be called up at any time via secure Internet access routines. The innovative GSM/GPRS technology also saves the cost of installing a telephone connection and the cost of the calls.

In modern factories, it is often the case that just a few employees are responsible for operating and monitoring a great number of machines and facilities. GPRS is a transmission technology that enables all facilities to remain online permanently. No matter where the staff are, the machines are always accessible.

IE-GPRS-I/O is also interesting for machine and plant manufacturers. Mobile access to the machines enables them to carry out quick and efficient maintenance for their customers and makes them less dependent on the skills of the operating personnel. It is often not necessary to employ an engineer on site. The cost benefits of this aspect alone pays back the cost of the IE-GPRS-I/O in just a short time, not even counting the advantages of the better service and the associated boost for customer loyalty.

The IE-GPRS-I/O is supplied in a robust metal enclosure which provides not only additional protection against electromagnetic radiation, but also emphasises the high-quality appearance of the cabinet.

Following is a brief on the features of the IE-GPRS-I/O:

  • Always online
  • GSM/GPRS modem function
  • Modem function with AT commands
  • Web logger
  • Web history
  • Plug and play telecontrol
  • M2M rates
  • GPRS routing
  • Connection is established and maintained
  • Alarm via fax, SMS, e-mail or voice call
  • Direct data link

At the heart is the IE-GPRS-I/O, a flexible alarm module that can evaluate environmental stimulus and react accordingly in a variety of ways. It can process analogue (temperature, voltage, current strength) and digital input signals. It can also react to simple status changes, such as when values fall below or exceed the limit ranges, or when percentage changes occur to the measurements. When reacting to the measured signals, the IE-GPRS-I/O can send transmissions to eight targets per input port.

This can either be an alarm or simple status notification, in the form of:

  • SMS
  • E-mail
  • FAX and/or
  • VOICE messages

Because of the wide-ranging configurability of the notification chain, the implementation plans of service technicians can be easily represented in the device.

Additional prominent features of the IE-GPRS-I/O alarm module

SMS sent to the IE-GPRS-I/O can:

  • switch a digital output port (DO),
  • request status information from all ports
  • send any character string to the serial interface

The IE-GPRS-I/O can communicate, via a GPRS network, with a central IE-GPRS-I/O communication server. Two different communication servers are offered: a small version with fewer capabilities, and an extended version with extended storage and status visualization possibilities.

The smaller communication server supports the IE-GPRS-I/Os:

  • by forwarding a DI port-status from a IE-GPRS-I/Os to the digital output port of another IE-GPRS-I/Os
  • it can also log the port status of all logged-in IE-GPRS-I/Os with a CSV file (which can be imported into Microsoft Excel)

The extended communication server:

  • stores the various status information from multiple IEGPRSI/Os in a databank management system
  • can display port status and additional useful information by means of an easy-to-understand web interface
  • can also log the collected port status information using a CSV file (which can be imported into Microsoft Excel)

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