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SAI-Bluetooth Wireless Communication for Sensors and Actuators

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The SAI-Bluetooth wireless communication for sensors and actuators is available from iOpen .  

The SAI-Bluetooth device from Weidmϋller is designed for secure data transfer with wireless communication for sensors and actuators.  

Bluetooth defines a universal radio interface in the 2.4 GHz ISM band, which is license-free.  

ISM stands for Industrial Scientific Medical and describes the possible end applications. Due to the low transmit power of just a few milliwatts, distances of up to 100m are specified.  

The communication protocol is based on the standardised Bluetooth profile SPP and implemented as WIRELESSopen on the basis of the CANopen standard.  

Weidmϋller Bluetooth SAIs can build 31 pico networks with a gateway for each and 6 Bluetooth slaves. The Bluetooth master, which works as the gateway is a slave in the PROFIBUS system.  

The PROFIBUS master recognises it as a standard PROFIBUS slave with modular I/O configuration. The Bluetooth gateway can be configured by the known GSD files.  

The gateway has 12 digital inputs on board and only three more Bluetooth slaves are necessary to fulfil the application requirements.  

The 16DI/8 DO combi module with freely selectable channels enables 8 channels to be freely configured as input or output.  

Combinations such as 15DI/1DO and 14DI/2DO up to 8DI/8DO are possible.  

A further unique feature of the module is that the 8 outputs can be supplied in 3 groups, allowing them to be switched off independently of each other.  

Key features of SAI-Bluetooth wireless communication: 

  • Interference-proof data communication without cable
  • Direct signal acquisition and optical data barriers no longer necessary
  • Extended single channel diagnostics and illuminated address room simplify troubleshooting
  • Transparent markers enable clear signal tracing
  • Configuration and addressing in the PB DP network as usual with GSD files
  • 31 gateways with 6 PB DP modules for each, 186 Bluetooth modules in one system
  • Signal connection with standard M12 connectors and full range of accessories for signal cabling
  • Operating temperature range from 0ºC to 55ºC
  • IP67 ingress protection class

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