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Elevator door optical sensor system

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article image Prevent unnecessary stops.

CEDES of Switzerland has developed a new, innovative sensor for elevator door safety. ESPROS/VOL is a new, optical sensor system from Cedes of Switzerland, which can be produced in large quantities.

Available from iOpen , the heart of ESPROS is a CMOS camera chip, which takes 30 pictures a second with a resolution of approximately 100,000 pixels. These pictures are filed in a memory and compared with reference values.

The result, for example "elevator full", is then transmitted to the elevator drive with a simple relay contact.

In a hotel, it regularly occurs that only a few people are in the elevator, but that the whole cabin is occupied by luggage. The new sensor ESPROS/VOL prevents these unnecessary stops as it detects if there is enough (ground) space in the cabin to pick up more passengers.

Also economically, ESPROS/VOL is a very interesting product, because the energy consumption of an elevator is reduced due to the prevention of unnecessary slowing down and speeding up - the main energy consumption of an elevator.

The Swiss-made ESPROS/VOL calculates the occupied floor-space of an elevator and decides whether or not there is room in the cabin for more passengers.

The threshold value of the ESPROS/VOL can be simply and individually adjusted. If the maximum occupancy is reached, the elevator will travel directly to the intended floor. No more unnecessary stops in an overfilled elevator.

The system recognises when elevator space is filled in a hospital by a bed, or in a hotel by a luggage cart. Volume measuring is a perfect partner to load measuring.

How ESPROS functions

The picture processing system ESPROS uses has the world's newest technology as its foundation. Through its ability to take and process pictures, ESPROS offers a whole new range of elevator applications for increased efficiency and security.

The heart of the ESPROS is a CMOS camera, which takes 30 pictures a second. The first time ESPROS is switched on, it saves a reference picture. Following this, ESPROS takes constant pictures and compares them within a fraction of a second - with the help of a very fast micro-processor (DSP) - to the reference picture.

The result is then communicated through an output of the elevator controller.

ESPROS is a cost-effective and complete system that is installed in a few easy steps and is then ready for operation.

Features include:

* Extremely easy to install

* Intelligent infra-red picture sensor

* Automatic calibration

* Darkness detection

* Integrated picture processor computer

* No external controller or PC necessary ("Stand-alone"-System)

* Discreet, aesthetic housing

* Cost-effective

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