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iBulk Rotex Screeners available from iBulk Solutions

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iBulk Rotex Screeners, available from, iBulk Solutions, are an effective way to separate high volumes of dry material in various particle sizes.

iBulk Rotex Screener’s gyratory motion quickly distributes stratifies and separates particles - producing a dependable flow of screened material no matter what the application.

The rubber balls held in pockets under each screen bounce with the machine’s motion, actively preventing screen blinding (clogging) and assuring that optimal efficiency is maintained.

When combined with robust construction and a low-maintenance design this means that an iBulk Rotex Screener can run uninterrupted for years.

Low headroom allows for an easy fit into confined areas, and - importantly - iBulk’s Rotex Screeners are dust-tight: stopping unwanted dust accumulating in production areas.

Gyratory motion suitable for fine dry screening at high efficiency, self mesh cleaning and low headroom. Completely dust tight arrangement can be fitted with a dust extraction system if required.

Screening of mineral sands, cement, Alumina, sugar, milk powders and any product requiring precise separation. Sanitary finish FDA approved for dairy applications if required.

iBulk natural frequency conveyors are suitable for foundry applications to handle heavy castings, timber industries to feed logs into wood chipper, and food industries to handle granular products that require gentle action. iBulk natural frequency conveyors can be designed to handle products at temperatures up to 500 deg C.

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