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I.P Engineering offers electrical lead safety products

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article image Elevate electrical leads with the TSS Lead Hook
I.P Engineering  is an engineering company specialising in innovative products and processes.

The engineering products include:
  • structural steel
  • metal work
  • general engineering and handrails
The structural steel materials are also installed and manufactured by I.P Engineering for residential projects.

General engineering works include:
  • repairs and maintenance
  • machining
  • drilling
Metal works are ideal for making ramps, decorative elements, safety barriers and access stairs.

Electrical lead safety products
Various range of products are provided by I.P Engineering including TRi-SAFE electrical lead safety products such as: 
  • electrical lead stands
  • lead hooks
  • wall brackets
  • scaffolding brackets
TRi-SAFE electrical lead safety products are used in many areas of building and construction, mining and manufacturing throughout Australia.             

With employee safety as a top priority and the focus on the safe use of electrical leads, the TRi-SAFE range of products can give users peace of mind in the knowledge that all electrical leads are elevated and out of harm’s way.

Key features and benefits of the TRi-SAFE electrical lead safety products
  • comply with WorkCover obligations
  • minimise the risk of personal injury and electrocution
  • convenient way to raise power leads above head height
  • unique non- conductive polypropylene top assembly
  • can safely carry 4-5 leads to provide a safe working environment
  • can be counterweighted with around 20kg of crushed rock for maintaining stability
Use the TRi-SAFE TS2 wall brackets to raise the power leads and stop drag on the plug. Power leads can be safely positioned on fixed or mobile scaffold using the TRi-SAFE TS7 Scaffold Bracket.

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