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Manual Plasma Cutting Equipment
Westgate Hi-Tech Machinery represents Hypertherm Powermax range of hand cutting machines. The range of plasma cutting machines consists of six models, offering a solution for all manual plasma cutting and gouging needs.

Plasma is created by applying electrical energy to a gas, which increases its temperature significantly.

The Hypertherm Powermax system use plasma’s intense heat to melt metal and a high pressure air or nitrogen to blow the molten metal away leaving an edge with a good quality that minimises the need for secondary operations.   

Hand Plasma Cutters with Contact Start
The Hypertherm Powermax plasma metal cutting equipment from Westgate Hi-Tech Machinery feature contact start instead of high frequency start. This leads to increased consumable life.
  • Productivity
    • Fast cut speeds
    • Outputs from 30 Amps to 100 Amps
    • Weight starts at 9kg
    • Cuts with shop air
    • Little or no secondary operations and no pre-heating
    • Effective for gouging metal
    • Cut any electrically conductive metal
    • Models available in 240v or 415V
    • Drag cutting capability that makes a Powermax very easy to use
  • Easy to Use
    • No flammable gases
    • High portability
    • Pre heating not required
    • Lower fumes and less noise
    • Simple controls and good arc visibility
  • Versatility
    • From the shop to the field, cutting or gouging stainless, mild steel or aluminium, you can leverage a Powermax system for many jobs
  • Low operating costs
    • High productivity and long consumable life minimise operating costs
With smart design, plus intense testing during both product development and manufacturing, the Hypertherm Powermax plasma cutting machines deliver industry leading reliability.
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