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Tukon 3100 automated Knoop/Vickers hardness testers available from Hylec

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Hylec Controls presents an automated range of hardness testers designed for powerful load application, safety and user-friendly operation.
The Tukon 3100 automated Knoop/Vickers hardness tester offers a powerful load application range of 50 gf - 10 kgF, patent pending safety collision technology, and industry-leading advanced optics, a combination that allows the precision instrument to meet virtually any Knoop/Vickers testing requirement.
An innovative digital zoom stepping feature provides a wide magnification range while the long working distance objectives and high accuracy automated stage provide the basis for a truly powerful test system.
All components and software are completely designed, manufactured and integrated by Wilson Hardness.
Key features of Tukon 3100 automated Knoop/Vickers hardness testers:

  • Safety collision control (patent pending)
  • Fast motorised stage with 5 μm or better accuracy
  • Imbedded PC control and external USB ports
  • Microscope quality optics, long working distance objectives
  • Integrated 15” touch screen

Software features

  • Touch-friendly intuitive user interface
  • CHD analysis
  • Comprehensive graphing
  • Automatic quit value
  • Return and re-measure capabilities
  • Data export to Excel or PDF
  • Automatic test, measure, save, and export
  • Automatic image analysis
  • Automatic image focusing
  • Variable brightness, contrast, and illumination
  • Three-level password protected user system
  • Traverse interrupt and resume
  • Virtual joystick for motorised sample traversing


  • Steels, non-ferrous metals, IC wafer
  • Thin plastics, metallic foils, plating, coatings, surface layers, laminated metals
  • Effect of heat treatment
  • Hardness depths of carburised layer
  • Cemented carbide, ceramics
  • Hardness resulting from welding or deposition

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