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James air meters for fresh concrete from Hylec Controls

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article image James air meters for fresh concrete from Hylec Controls

James offers a complete line of pressure air meters as well as air entrainment meters for determining the percentage of entrained air in freshly mixed concrete, and available from Hylec Controls .
Products on offer include:

  • Type A pressure meters
  • Type B pressure meters
  • Volumetric air meters
A-AB-1200 ASTM Type ‘B’ pressure air meters include the following features:
  • The Type B pressure air meters are among the most precise air measuring devices available for concrete
  • Utilising a heat treated aluminum body and cast in handles on the base the A-AB-1200 pressure air meters are a light weight, durable, and easy to use piece of equipment
  • The units use the latest technology available in clamping systems. They use large stainless steel clamp levers, each with a holding capacity of 2500 lbs
  • These clamps provide the user with dependable operation every time
  • The pressure air meters also feature innovative sealing technology for accurate readings and long life
  • Ruggedness has also been improved on the Type B pressure air meters by using full welds on critically hardened seams rather than spot welds
  • The A-AB-1200 pressure air meters also come with a durable, advanced, high volume pump as well as a large easy to read gauge, and bourdon tube
  • The pressure gauge is color coded for entrained and entrapped air
  • The system meets ASTM C- 231 & AASHTO T152
  • The A-AB-1200 James Instruments’ ASTM Type ‘B’ pressure meters come with air meter, carry case, calibration vessel, inside calibration vessel, outside calibration vessel tube, 3 oz syringe, strike off bar, 24” tamping rod, 16 oz rubber mallet

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