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Hylec Controls released its REMET ROBOMET grinding polishing machines.

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Hylec Controls  announces its REMET ROBOMET grinding polishing machines, designed for the preparation of metallographic samples, according to completely automatic cycle.

The ROBOMET grinding polishing machine has a polisher with 5 rotating disks and a station for washing the samples, arranged in circle around the head which holds the specimens.

The 5 workstations can be organised in the following cycle (cycle recommended for hard steels):

  1. Plane grinding with grindstone GR. 60
  2. Grinding with disk CAMEO PLATINIUM 1 GR. 60
  3. Final grinding with disk CAMEO SILVER 9m
  4. Polishing with cloth DURLAP 6m
  5. Final polishing with cloth MICROLAP 3m
Using a specimen holder, the samples are clamped in, and inserted thanks to the quick fastening in the automatic head.

According to the preparation program and parameters stored in CPU of the machine, the head moves the specimen holder from a working station to the other one performing the preparation of the samples. The nozzles for dosing the abrasive fluids are connected to the head, while the liquid for cooling grindstone station is contained in a tank inside the machine.

ROBOMET grinding machines perform the preparation of metallographic samples according to the cycle recalled by the operator. The cycles can be composed from a maximum number of 100 steps divided in groups of 4 steps at a time. For every step it is possible to set every parameter of the preparation process. The operator is protected from the working area by a Plexiglas screen of protection.

About 60 different cycles of preparation are allowed to be stored by the machine on the resident CPU. it is also possible to record other cycles in a removable smart card. The preparation cycles are protected by a password.

The following parameters are allowed to be set by the grinding polishing machines in every station:

  • Grindstone station: Washing station: Polishing stations
  • Automatic head
  • Visualization on the LCD screen of these parameters:
The cycle of preparation can be suspended and restarted in every moment by pushing a special pause button on the control panel. The preparation cycles can be programmed while the machine is turned off, or during the execution of a cycle.

Fitted with main switch for turning on and off, button for emergency stop, the ROBOMET grinding polishing machines is also built CE safety standards.

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