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The Marui Triple-HI Kenma Semi Automatic Concrete Test Cylinder Grinder Machine is quickly becoming the chosen alternative to the traditional rubber or sulphur capping method used by Quality Construction Labs throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Cylinder Grinding Machinery for all concrete strengths

  • The Marui Grinder can comfortably process Low or High strength concrete with 2 only parameter setting
  • An output of over 50,000 25Mpa cylinders per disc due to the ingenious diamond grinding discs having an integrated rinsing function
  • With a feed rate of 1mm per minute on 25 Mpa Concrete Test Cylinder, an output of 45 units / hour is achievable
  • Marui standard tooling allow for test cylinder diameter of 50,100,125 and 150mm

Not only is it a safer and healthier option, it also provides a better result in surface finish as well as flatness (within +- 0.05mm). 

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