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Hydrosmart provide complete water treatment solutions for the mining sector. Hydrosmart 200, 250 and 300 are installed on your existing pipework, to aid in productive ore processing, ore movement, dewatering, and water recycling.

In configurations where chemicals are already used, Hydromaster can reduce the amount of chemicals required, and/or enhance their action. Any size of carrier pipe can be treated. To prevent and remove scale, mining camp managers either use Hydromaster on the whole camp feed, or alternately use multiple Hydrosmart digital units (Digital 20/Demi-Digital 20) each installed on individual dormitories.

Mineralised water management for the ore extraction and fossil energy sectors
Hydrosmart have over a decade of experience serving Australia’s mining industry, including the nation’s largest companies. The Hydromaster and Hydrosmart Digital are installed to hydrate minerals, enabling them to be shifted from place to place, the activity that comprises the very core of the mining business. Any form of sludge or scale as well as many raw minerals can be treated by the technology. Hydrosmart helps you:
  • Prevent scale formation on infrastructure that contacts mineralised water
  • Move minerals through pipework without obstructions forming
  • Reduce dependence on chemicals, thus enhancing safety on the site
Chemical free water treatment for mining applications
Hydrosmart slots in as a component on your existing pipework, of any pipe diameter. Power draw is well below 50 Watts, and your existing water flow is not limited in any way. Electrical fields produced by the unit are modulated at ULF-VLF frequencies, and are finely tuned in order to hydrate minerals. Apparatus does not contact the water.
  • Maintain or improve water flow rates and sludge flow rates
  • Negligible running costs
  • Remove scale from pipes and infrastructure
  • Prevent mineralised layers from recurring 
  • Increase the longevity of infrastructure and equipment
  • Reduce corrosion
Cyclotron resonance, explored since the 1920’s was first put to use on water problems in the 1990’s, in the form of the technology now known as Hydrosmart. The company pioneered the use of cyclotron resonance in the mining resources sector, an achievement that others have followed, and Hydrosmart remains the market leader.

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