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Sequencing Batch Reactor from Hydroflux


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Hydroflux HySmart® Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) are renowned as being one of the most robust and reliable biological systems available for industrial wastewater treatment.

Sequential biological reactors are sized for each and any application. The size of the Hydroflux Industrial SBR is dependent on factors such as the flow, load and performance requirements.

Hydroflux HySmart® SBR is a robust and reliable system and has:

  • a minimal footprint
  • no clarifier required
  • ability to cope with shock loadings
  • no sludge recycling necessary
  • biological nutrient removal (BNR) possible

The main differences between an SBR and conventional activated sludge systems are that aeration and sedimentation of the biomass occurs in the same tank in timed sequence. This allows SBR systems to be designed with a high degree of flexibility in terms of treating varying flows and concentrations that are usually experienced in industrial applications.

An SBR is a cost effective solution for secondary treatment as it allows for:

  • the treatment of variable flows
  • requires minimum operator intervention
  • allows anoxic or anaerobic conditions to occur in the same tank
  • a comparatively small floor space
  • very good solids removal efficiency

Hydroflux has taken SBR technology one step further and now made it one of the most ecologically sustainable by intelligent design. Power savings of over 30% on traditional SBR’s and as much as 80% when incorporating AEROSTRIP® fine bubble diffusers.

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