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Moe Wastewater Improves Pump Performance with Hydro Innovations

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Hydro Innovations had provided Moe Wastewater an ideal solution that improved their pump performance and amended their regular blockage dilemmas.

Moe Wastewater Treatment Plant, a processing sewage organisation, had noticed their two submersible pumps at the inlet station were blocking up with increasing regularity. This made the processing virtually ineffectual and impacted on the efficiency of the plant.

“Between February and the start of December 2010 our submersible pumps were choking about once a fortnight. The pumps were no longer capable of effectively handling the rags and other solid material in the inflow,” explained Adrian Harper, Senior Engineer Wastewater Treatment, Group, Moe Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Hydro Innovations, which Moe Wastewater noticed from a tradeshow, invited the company to assess their problem. After an onsite assessment, Hydro Innovations suggested they should consider installing an above ground Gormann-Rupp self priming pump.

“We had never used an above ground, self-priming pump at the plant before, and although we were happy to think outside the box, and the study had confirmed that such a solution was viable we weren't entirely convinced. So we asked Hydro Innovations if we could trial the pump for three months, which they readily agreed to because they were certain the pump would meet our needs,” says Harper.

Hydro Innovations provided Moe Wastewater with a Gorman-Rupp T8A3S-B above ground, self-priming centrifugal pump. According to Garry Grant, General Manager of Hydro Innovations, the Gorman-Rupp T8A3S-B is a purpose-built sewage pump that was specifically designed to change the shape of solid waste and stringy material to prevent clogging.

After the three month trial period, the processing sewage company were so impressed with the Gorman-Rupp pump’s performance and purchased the machine.

“It’s now May 2011 and our Gorman Rupp self priming pump has been in operation for about five months. It did slightly block a couple of times but it still kept pumping and overall it has made a huge, positive impact on the processing efficiency of our plant. It performs very well and delivers 110 litres per second at 8.9 metres of total head,” says Harper.

“Also, we are no longer wasting money on cleaning the pumps fortnightly. Plus, the down time associated with this as well as the inconvenience have been eliminated. If the pump does need cleaning the design of the pump lets you do it quickly and of course, it’s done above ground so we don't have to worry about OH&S issues arising.”

“Another big plus with the Gorman-Rupp pump is that if you do get a malfunction occurring in the motor you can just replace the motor. This isn't possible with submersible pumps. If there is a motor problem you have to change the entire pump.”

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