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Industry groups aim to develop energy efficiency standards for pump industry

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Both The Pump Industry Association and Fan Manufacturers Association of Australia and New Zealand have been working in conjunction with Sustainability Victoria in an attempt develop industry specific energy efficiency methods.

While pumps and fans consume a significant amount of energy, speaking to The Australian Pump Industry Magazine, Ian McNicol, Sustainability Victoria, explains that “the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that there is the potential to achieve across the board savings of 20 to 25 per cent.”

This equates to roughly one billion dollars in energy bill savings, which is great news for both the manufacturing and mining sectors, as well as the environment.

McNicol notes that there are a number of energy efficient practices companies can adopt to enjoy such savings, including:

  • Ensuring motor size matches load requirements
  • Using variable speed drives where the load is variable
  • Choosing high-efficiency pump components
  • Optimising downstream distribution systems
  • Ensuring pumps are free from leaks
  • Maintaining pumps to the highest standards 
  • Conducting repairs immediately after an incident occurs
Unfortunately some of these measures are quire far fetched as various barriers, from split incentives through to the pervasiveness of risk minimisation strategies, currently prevent companies from achieving them.

Combine this with the fact that energy costs can contribute up to 85 per cent of lifetime operating costs and it makes sense to purchase energy efficient pumps from the get go.

While these pumps may initially incur a greater cost than less efficient pumps, the long-term savings will far outweigh this preliminary expenditure.

Hydro Innovations supplies a wide range of Gorman-Rupp water and wastewater pumps, and two of its ranges boast energy efficient features.

Centrifugal pumps in the Super U Series are up to 75% efficient, which makes them extremely cost effective to run.

They are designed to allow operators to externally adjust the impeller/wear plate clearance, an action that ensures the pumps operate at their peak efficiency at all times.

Other noteworthy features include a solids handling impeller, removable cover plate and ability to ensure friction loss and drag are kept to a minimum.

The 80 Series range of pumps feature replaceable wear plates that operate to provide maximum operating efficiency at all times, along with multi-vane open impellers that can handle up to 2-3/8” or 60mm solids, and are similarly designed for high efficiency.

The pumps are designed for non-stop workloads and they feature a straight-in suction design that allows for quick, positive self priming, which means they can operate on high suction lifts.

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