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Gorman-Rupp's Prime Aire sewage pumps available from Hydro Innovations

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article image Gorman-Rupp's Prime Aire sewage pumps available from Hydro Innovations
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Prime Aire pump systems from Hydro Innovations use a venturi and a compressor, which eliminates the leaks associated with traditional vacuum-assisted pumps. This unique system not only reduces environmental concerns on sewage bypass operations and other environmentally hazardous liquids, but it also enables the pumps to operate under flooded suction conditions without leaking. The positive priming of the Prime Aire pumps is well suited for applications involving long suction lines, intermittent flows or large volumes of air in the liquid being pumped.

Features of the Prime Aire pump systems include:

Dry run capability- These are designed into the Prime Aire systems. An oversized, oil-lubricated mechanical seal allow the pumps to run dry ncontinuously without damage.

Compressor over pump- Several popular models are available in a “Compressor-Over- Pump” arrangement. This innovative configuration option offers a selfcontained, compact, flexible design while allowing ease of operation and servicing when needed.

Abrasive handling seal- Prime Aire pumps are equipped with oversized, mechanical, oil-lubricated, double-floating, self-aligning seals with silicon carbide rotating and stationary faces that are designed to take the wear and tear of pumping solids, slurries and other abrasives.

Dual suction side capability- This feature is available on model PA6C, and features a removable coverplate and adjustable/ replaceable wearplate.

Standard auto start control- Auto-Start control starts and stops the pumps in response to a liquid level. The pumps start only when there is water to pump and turns itself off when the water reaches the desired level. There is never any need to waste fuel and add to costly engine overhauls.

Solids handling impeller- Many Prime Aire pumps feature rugged open-type, two-vane ductile iron impellers that are specifically designed to handle solids and debris up to 4" (102 mm) in diameter. This means fewer clogs and more productivity on tough jobs.

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