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Hydac International releases new bladder integrity system

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Hydac announces the introduction of a new product designed to detect problems in the bladder of a hydraulic accumulator.

Hydac is an established name in the hydro-pneumatic accumulators segment with over 50 years of experience in the research, development, design and production of accumulators.

Hydac’s accumulators are pressure vessels designed and built to store fluids under pressure. The vessels are charged with nitrogen, which is separated from the fluid section by a piston, a bladder or a diaphragm. If not correctly engineered, applied or maintained, hydraulic accumulators can present a high safety risk to personnel and equipment. The new product released by Hydac alerts personnel to any problem in the bladder.

The Bladder Integrity System (BIS) consists of a BIS bladder, a BIS adapter and electronic components BIS 1000. When fluid penetrates the bladder, it is detected by the bladder integrity system, which transmits a signal. The temperature and the pressure can be monitored electronically.

Hydac offers different types of bladder integrity systems to suit specific requirements. The BIS is available with a bladder accumulator as initial equipment. A retrofit version is also available, both for Hydac bladder accumulators as well as for other brands.

Key advantages of Hydac bladder integrity systems include planned repair and maintenance interval; reduced downtime; ability to monitor pressure and temperature during operation; and better performance enabled for the whole hydraulic system.

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