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Once the direct connection between fluid condition and the profitability and efficiency of hydraulic and lubrication systems are recognised, the action required becomes obvious: cooling, continuous online conditioning and a well-engineered filtration concept guarantee the efficiency and operating reliability of the whole system.

HYDAC experts will provide you with modern solutions which are specific to your system in the areas of cooling and condition monitoring. Only by taking a holistic approach it is possible to improve the condition of the fluid used and to reduce the Life Cycle Costs.

The condition monitoring allows you to do the following:

  • Ensure the system is operating under “ideal conditions”
  • Sense any changes at the earliest possible moment (well before any serious damage or system stoppage occurs)
  • “Switch in” the auxiliary system to correct any imbalances immediately and then when the system is stable again, automatically switch it off
  • If the auxiliary (corrective system) is unable to completely solve the problem or itself comes to a necessary service point, then the monitor sends a signal to the system or to the operator. This signal allows the operator to “be warned of an impending service” well in advance. He can then schedule it conveniently and he can prepare the necessary spare parts and equipment ahead of time ensuring that the service call will be short, successful, and avoid any necessity to make more than one visit. That saves an enormous amount of time, energy and cost.
  • Fail safe dual switching is also possible where the system can be immediately shut down and protected from any catastrophic event well before other expensive components are damaged. Again saving significant cost over the equipment lifeline.
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