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Nu-Way EnergyStream (ES & ESX) from Hurll Nu-Way

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Nu-Way EnergyStream (ES & ESX) is an Industrial Air Heating Burner with High Output and Turn Down Ratio. 

Advantages of using the Nu-Way EnergyStream (ES & ESX)

  • Direct fired Air-Heat burners produce hot air for general process heating that includes fluid bed drying, spray drying, packed bed drying etc.
  • The Nu-way ENERGYSTREAM burners represent a new concept in direct fired air heating. They are nozzle mixing line type modules, available in straight or cross pattern that can be built into an infinite variety of patterns to suit duct dimensions and application constraints.
  • The basic ES burner head comprises burner section, integral pilot assembly, spark ignition and either flame probe or UV flame monitoring. The ES burner package may also include a combustion air fan and gas control train, and can be mounted onto a side-plate for ease of installation in ducts.
  • Modulating or high/low control options are available for gas and air control, or gas only control.
  • Combustion air for the burner would normally be provided by a blower mounted either directly to the burner head or at a position adjacent to the duct.
  • Stainless steel casings and nozzles are additional options to allow operation at higher temperatures.
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