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Nu-Way is a well-known name for industrial process burners. 

The MULTIPLEX burner has been designed to achieve a high degree of stability over a wide turndown range of relatively low service inlet pressures. Gas and air flows may be controlled by a gas proportionator and air butterfly valves, or for maximum turndown, controlled by a mechanical or electronic ratio control system. For high excess air operation, the air valve would normally be left fully open and controlled by the gas valve only, thus providing a relatively constant volume of combustion products in the furnace throughout the operating range.

The burner rating covers a wide range of 60 kW to 11.7 MW (MP2 - MP400).

Features of the Multiplex MP Gas Burner:

  • High, medium and low-velocity versions
  • Low air and gas pressures
  • Variety of combustion tunnels: Stainless steel, high temp Avesta stainless, silicon carbide and refractory
  • MPO oil-fired, and MPDF duel fuel versions
  • Exceptional flame stability
  • Combustion tunnel options, heat-resistant metal, refractory, silicon carbide
  • Wide turndown (up to 30:1 on Gas) •
  • Inner assembly easily removed
  • Range of extended projections available

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