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Doug Hougen saw opportunities and invented an industry

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Doug Hougen saw an opportunity to speed up auto body repair and invented a spot-weld cutter that simplified the process. He saw an opportunity to improve hole-making speed in heavy gauge steels and invented the Rotabroach Annular Cutter. He saw an opportunity to make on-site hole-making easier and invented the first lightweight, truly portable magnetic drill.  

And these inventions led to world wide patents. His legacy was inventing a worldwide industry with an end product that people seldom see – clean, accurate holes in metal. To this day the hole-making industry remembers the contributions of Doug Hougen. In this, their 50th year, Hougen Manufacturing we honour his legacy.   

It all started with spot-weld cutters and that quickly cut around welds without damaging the underlay panels. Rotabroach annular cutters required less horsepower and thrust to cut clean, accurate holes 3X faster than other tools. Model M-277 the first lightweight portable electromagnetic drill, made possible because of Rotabroach annular cutters.  

HMD505 the first quill-feed magnetic drill maintains a constant profile and does not require gibs or slide adjustment. HMD115 truck frame drill easily fits behind rear wheels, in wheel wells and other close quarter for truck body builders. HMD904S swivel base drill with its simple lock down system makes accurate holes quickly…. Drilling in any position.

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