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Honeywell’s ST3000 series comprises of multi variable sensors that measures static pressure, differential pressure and sensor temperature effectively and efficiently.

Pressure transmitters from Honeywell are accurate and dependable. Designed for exceptional precision and repetition, Honeywell’s transmitters offer superior performance for industrial pressure measurement.

Multi variable sensor reduces measurement errors resulting from temperature or static pressure shifts
  • Economical and efficient measurement reduces costs associated with manual rectification
  • Fully static pressure ensures exceptional stability over large spans and process changes
  • Achieve better control with exceptional in-process measurement accuracy
  • Crystal silicon sensor combines zero mechanical hysteresis and high sensitivity reducing the need for manual compensation and additional accuracy transmitters
Honeywell’s two-tier pressure feature provides efficient, stable and precise measurement
  • Two-tier pressure features includes absolute pressure, differential pressure, gauge pressure, draft range, multivariable and remote seal transmitter solutions
  • Transmitters feature Honeywell’s overload protection mechanism and dual seal designs
  • Ideal for a range of industrial pressure applications demanding accurate results
Exceptional performance and cost effective solutions for any industrial pressure requirement
  • ST 3000 100 transmitters eliminate the need to employ additional transmitters with multiple ranges due to 400:1 turndown ratio. Ideal for high-dollar projects such as custody transfer and material and energy balances
  • ST3000 900 transmitters are a cost effective solution providing reliable, accurate and stable performance , ideal for most industrial pressure applications
Honeywell’s ST300 transmitters provide reliable stable performance. Backed by a 15 year warranty with global agency and SIL certifications, these transmitters are ideal for all your industrial pressure measurement requirements.

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