Electric Actuator Solutions for Dampers and Valves from Honeywell


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Honeywell provide a range of easy to operate actuators to simplify process monitoring.

Actuators engineered for exceptional reliability, accurate positioning and low maintenance
Electric Actuators
  • Designed for precise positioning of dampers and quarter turn valves
  • Reliable performance in extremely demanding environments requiring continuous duty, high reliability and low maintenance
  • Non-contact sensing means maintenance problems and unexpected shutdowns associated with slidewires and potentiometer wear are eliminated
Smart Electric Actuators
  • Provides the added benefits of microprocessor-based electronics
  • Benefits include easy installation, set up and commissioning of the actuator, whilst still allowing you to monitor the health parameters for proactive maintenance planning
Actuators for a wide range of industrial applications
  • Gas and air valves
  • ID/FD fan inlet and shutoff damper
  • Burner tilt
  • Superheated over-fire air
  • Coal mill damper
  • Superheat and reheat damper
  • Gas recirculation damper
  • Bag house dampers
  • Fuel/airflow control
  • Primary/Secondary air damper
  • Penthouse damper
  • ID and FD fan speed coupling
  • Boiler feed pumps
  • Superheat and reheatspray valves
  • Cooling tower valve
  • Windbox dampers
  • Butterfly and rotary stem valves

The HercuLine series of actuators provide high reliability and low maintenance for demanding environments. Their rugged construction and continuous duty motors reduce overall maintenance costs and eliminate unplanned outages. These features combined with state of the art electronics ensure accurate and repeatable performance over the life of the actuator.

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