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Honeywell provide a range of controllers, indicators, programmers and recorders for industrial processes.

Controllers, Indicators and Programmers

  • Honeywell provide a wide range of controllers, indicators and programmers for the efficient operation of industrial processes
  • The range includes temperature controllers with relay outputs for on-off control of ovens, as well as controllers with analog outputs to position actuators, valves and speed couplings
Paperless recorders - electronic data for improved decision-making
Honeywell’s advanced paperless recorders offer many advantages over traditional chart recorders, including: 
  • Reduced operating costs and improved reliability
  • Honeywell paperless recorders can be connected to the LAN, allowing access to data by multiple departments
Strip Chart Recorders - dependable, versatile and low maintenance
  • Honeywell’s strip chart recorders are used for continuous processes where the chart record allows the operator to quickly detect out-of-tolerance deviations over a long-term trend
  • They can run unattended for long periods without the need for frequent chart replacement
Circular Chart Recorders - All-purpose, microprocessor-based recording
  • Honeywell Circular Chart Recorders are preferred for an array of batch processes
  • These circular chart recorders displays the entire batch operation over a specific unit of time, from one-hour to 31 days
  • Honeywell's circular chart recorder design provide easy filling and copying for reference
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21/03/14 - The Fusion4 MSC-L from Honeywell is the company’s most sophisticated multi stream controller for loading products from refineries and chemical plants.
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13/06/13 - Honeywell Process Solutions announces the launch of a new additive controller designed to offer precise blending of petrochemical products in hazardous areas.

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