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Honeywell’s VersaFlow™ line of flow meters is suitable for liquid, gas or steam service over a wide range of process conditions. Innovative technologies and a range of sizes provide the best solutions to meet industrial requirements for safety and efficiency.

Providing accurate and reliable flow measurements for the most demanding applications, the Honeywell flow measurement range includes:

VersaFlow Magnetic Flowmeter
  • Suitable for conductive liquids in all industries including chemicals, food and beverage, minerals and mining,
  • oil and gas pharmaceuticals, power, pulp and paper, water and wastewater, and machinery
  • All meters consist of a sensor and a converter that can be mounted integral to the sensor or remotely either with a field-mount kit, wall-mount
  • housing or 19" rack-mount housing
  • Whether you choose a low cost TWM1000 or fully optioned TWM 9000, either converter is compatible with all electromagnetic flow sensors and is suitable for all applications

VersaFlow Coriolis Flowmeter
The VersaFlow mass flow sensor is proven meter suitable for the most rigorous applications.

  • It reliably measures mass flow, density, volume, temperature, mass or volume concentration, and solids content
  • The VersaFlow is the only mass flow sensor with a straight measuring tube available in stainless steel, Hastelloy, titanium or tantalum
  • The TWC 9000 converter allows easy selection of output options and is suitable for mounting in various housing configurations, and the TWC 010 converter offers a direct Modbus output

VersaFlow Ultrasonic Flowmeter
The VersaFlow 1000 clamp-on design, with its robust industrial construction, provides a
revolutionary solution for a variety of flow measurement applications.

  • Applications include chemical addition, metering of cooling water and demineralized water, general process control, batching and blending, and irrigation
  • The meter can be mounted on the outside of a pipe to measure the flow rate of liquids
  • Installation takes only minutes and requires no special tools, thanks to patented clamping devices. Additionally, the converter is pre-installed on the rail at the factory, which further reduces installation time

VersaFlow Vortex Flowmeter
The Vortex 100 provides reliable measurement of standard volumetric and mass flow of both conductive and non-conductive liquids, gases and vapors — even with fluctuating pressures and temperatures

  • Typical applications include: vapor and saturated steam, steam boilers, compressor output, and industrial compressed gases
  • This is the only vortex flowmeter with integrated pressure and temperature compensation in two-wire technology
  • VersaFlow vortex meters deliver excellent long-term stability due to their rugged construction
From magnetic, vortex and Coriolis mass flowmeters, to non-contact ultrasonic meters, Honeywell Technology Solutions have the right equipment for your important applications.

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