User Friendly and Ergonomic Hydraulic Cutters from Holmatro


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Holmatro is a specialist in the field of high pressure hydraulic cutting equipment specifically developed for controlled and precise cutting applications in industrial markets such as recycling, demolition, nuclear industry, foundry and construction.

Hydraulic cutters for fast and efficient production process
  • Easy to operate
  • Ergonomic design
  • Choose from various blade types available which as durable and easy exchangeable
  • Cutting capacities up to 65.7 ton
In addition to standard cutters, Holmatro has a proven track record with special projects and service.

Holmatro continuously invests in research and development of new products. It is their ambition to continue to develop  innovative solutions combining extreme power with controllability, user friendliness and safety.

Holmatro's product development is fully focused on finding result oriented solutions for specific markets and applications. To achieve this, Holmatro work closely with their clients - the professional users. Holmatro Industrial Equipment information and contact details


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12/04/12 - Holmatro Industrial Equipment adds the new generation of short stroke cylinders and flat cylinders with spring return to its range of powerful, hydraulic solutions for heavy industrial applications.

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