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Safewash PCB Cleaners
HK Wentworth supply the Safewash PCB range which is the most effective family of water-based cleaners available on the current market.

The cleaning range has been developed to help ensure good surface resistance, it prevents current leakage leading to PCB failure and improves overall product life.

Water- based cleaning
The Safewash range provides outstanding cleaning performance which meets both military and commercial standards at a minimal cost. 

  • Flux removal
  • Metal degreasing
  • Flammable & non-flammable
  • Bulk & Aeresol
  • Water & solvent based
  •  Low odour, low/non-VOC 
  • Very low toxicity
Solvent Cleaners
Electrolube offer an extensive range of fast evaporating organic solvent cleaners. 

The solvent cleaner range includes: flammable, non-flammable and fluorinated cleaners.

Flammable and non-flammable solvents
The Electrolube flammable and non-flammable solvent-based materials are single stage cleaners offering:

  • Good materials compatibility 
  • Wide range of evaporation rates
  • Wide range of flash points
  • Low levels of toxicity
  • Essential for cleaning assemblies with unsealedcomponents or water sensitive devices.
Electrolube offers both water-based and solvent-based cleaning solutions suitable for a diverse array of applications in various differing industries including; automotive, aerospace, military, domestic and medical sectors.

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