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Resin Systems
HK Wentworth provide an extensive range of bespoke resin systems which insulate and protect electrical and electrical components.

The Electrolube resin product range has been designed for flexibility, the Electrolube range can be used for several different types of applications.

Polyurethane, epoxy resins and silcone 2 part resins
The resin systems are designed to protect against various demanding conditions including: 

  • Physical shock
  • General contamination
  • Vibration
  • Thermal 
  • Moisture
Polyurethane resins are utilised for it's flexible, short pot life properties and variable shore hardness.

Epoxy resins are much harder in comparison with Polyurethanes and boast superior chemical and water resistance.

Tailored to meet exact requirements
The Electrolube range offers resins with varying electrical, thermal properties as well as hardness, viscosity and gel time.

  • UL approved
  • Potting / encapsulating
  • Cable jointing
  • Sealing and protection
  • Bespoke and ex-stock
Electrolube offer solutions for a range of job sizes:

Resin Packs – small scale production/prototyping/field application
The resin and hardener are contained in a single pouch, the liquids must be thoroughly mixed within the sealed bag.

Resin Kits – medium to high volume without automated equipment
The resin and hardener are supplied in two tins matched to the correct ratio. Sufficient space is left in the resin tin to allow the addition of the hardener and subsequent mixing.
Bulk Resins – high volume with automated equipment
The resin and hardener are supplied in separate containers. The two materials must be mixed together in the correct ratio.

Electrolube, is a leading manufacturer of electro-chemicals for electronics and industrial manufacturing.
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14/08/12 - Electrolube products such as FREH freezer refrigerant and EADH air duster will be exempt from the new Carbon Tax introduced by the Australian Government.
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