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Electrolube manufactures a wide range of Air Dusters, Freezers and Foam Cleaners to complement the major product groups.

The Electrolube range covers a broad range of applications and requirements suitable for OEMs or subcontractors.

Solutions for mobile mechanics
HK Wentworth supply a wide range of products including: 

  • Air dusters- are ideally used on photographic and electrical equipment to remove dirt and dust from hard to reach places.The air dusters can also be used to blast off water or solvents for rapid drying.
  • Freezer Sprays- can be used to identify faulty components by rapidly cooling components to well below -50°C. Freezers are available in standard or minimal charging forms, enabling safe use on static sensitive components.
  • General Maintenance- this includes hard surface cleaners, contact cleaner lubricants, cyanoacrylate adhesives and tamper evident seals.
  • Industrial Maintenance- this includes high quality paints, galvanising sprays, polyurethane foam, lubricants and graffiti removers.

HK Wentworth provide air dusting, freezing and cleaning solutions to meet mobile mechanic and service engineer requirements. 

HK Wentworth's products are supplied in a range of packaging dependent upon their application and end use, including: aerosols, pump sprays, syringes, tubes, pens, sachets and small tins.
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14/08/12 - Electrolube products such as FREH freezer refrigerant and EADH air duster will be exempt from the new Carbon Tax introduced by the Australian Government.
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27/03/12 - Electrolube has achieved record results for the year ended 31st December 2011 with a year-on-year increase in sales of 24% in Europe alone compared to 2010.
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26/03/12 - Leading electro-chemicals manufacturer, Electrolube is now offering some of its key products with a low global warming potential (GWP) propellant.
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14/02/12 - An integral part of electronics manufacturing is cleaning, which aims to remove potentially harmful contaminants during PCB manufacture.
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10/02/12 - Electrolube, a division of the HK Wentworth Group and global manufacturer of electro‐chemicals is expanding its Research & Development department in 2012 to increase product innovation as well as main
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