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Solve Thermal Expansion Problems with CIP Heaters from Hipex

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Hipex manufactures a large range of heat exchangers. For CIP work, special Polytube (shell and tube) heat exchangers have been designed to absorb the intermittent heat loads and subsequent thermal shock typical of the Cip heater. Hipex provides two common sizes of dedicated CIP heaters. The smaller of the two is capable of heat loads up to 1,500 kW and flow rates of up to 50,000 l/h, while the bigger offers double the capacity. Both units are capable of operating with steam up to 1,000 kPa.

CIP Heat Exchangers with special shell corrugation
Hipex have developed a unique shell corrugation to minimise the mechanical stresses that the thermal shocks produce in Cip heating.
  • Unique shell corrugation converts the entire shell of the heat exchanger into an expansion bellows which absorbs and reduces thermal stress in both the shell and tubes
  • The corrugations increase the heat transfer coefficient by up to 200%
  • This allows for a compact heat exchanger with less surface area. This reduces the cost and saves space
Designed for high steam pressure and temperatures
  • The size and cost of the steam valve manifold can be substantially reduced
  • Another advantage of the Hipex corrugations is a reduction in pressure loss
  • Downtime and maintenance costs are virtually eliminated
Hipex Heat Exchangers are thoroughly tested and proven to deliver superior performance. The Hipex range of heat exchangers includes double pipe, shell and tube and the Mixchanger which can be configured to suit your particular process requirements. Hipex information and contact details

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