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Hipex  provides various services and solutions in the area of heat exchangers for food processing industries. The major services provided include unit repairs, automation, problem solving advice, reselling and dealing second hand units. As a part of its manufacturing function, Hipex stocks a wide range of spare parts, which is leveraged to provide spare parts to customers as a support service.

The common spare parts traded by Hipex include those for heat exchangers, pasteurisers, mini UHT plants as well as those units that are no longer sold by Hipex. In addition, Hipex stocks service kits, seals and o’rings made of viton grade rubber. Other grades, including EPDM, PTFE and Nitrile, are provided based on customer requests. Apart from heat exchanger spare parts, spare parts for Bardiani valves and pumps are available from Hipex.

As a part of unit repair services, Hipex services heat exchangers if their performance deteriorates with continuous usage. Hipex tests and repairs the unit at its special testing facility, which is situated at its manufacturing premises. In certain cases, Hipex also undertakes on-site servicing. Hipex is equipped to handle servicing for all the heat exchangers it manufactures as well as tubular corrugated heat exchangers.

As part of its reselling service, Hipex buys back old units from its customers when they look for replacing the equipment. At the same time, Hipex provides second-hand equipment to those customers looking for a cheaper replacement alternative.

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