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Efficiently Reuse Heat with Hipex Regenerators

by Hipex
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Hipex provide Heat Regenerators which are designed to deliver excellence in energy efficiencies. Economically it makes sense to recover heat from a hot product stream and pass it to an incoming cold stream. Although there are many methods of recovering heat from non particulate fluids, those containing particulates such as pulpy juice from fruit or vegetables pose a problem.

Energy Efficient Heating Systems
The Hipex Heat Regenerators efficiently re-use heat by providing two opposing fluid paths which are wider than in conventional annular or wide gap heat exchangers, minimising blockages with difficult products.
  • Hipex Heat Regenerators offer and Eco-friendly solution with superior energy efficiency
  • Achieve energy savings while still getting the performance required in your regeneration applications
The impressive Heat Regenerators from Hipex provide the ideal solution to your heat recovering applications. Hipex information and contact details

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