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Glove boxes available from High Vacuum Technologies

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Aluminium and stainless steel glove boxes are used by industry and research institutions for the processing of oxygen and water reactive materials.

Glove boxes have been constructed for universities in Australia and New Zealand for research on o2 and h2o reactive materials.

Stainless steel and aluminium glove boxes have be designed and constructed for CSIRO research into light alloys of magnesium and titanium and research into lithium battery technology.

The boxes are designed with (anti chambers) for transfer of materials in and out without loosing the inert atmosphere which can be nitrogen gas, helium or argon.

Gas scrubbing systems are incorporated into the system to ensure gas purity.

Windows are safety glass or polycarbonate. Detectors fitted to the glove box show purity in parts per million.

Glove boxes can also be used for specialised welding of titanium and magnesium with TIG or laser. After final assembly of the glove box they are helium leak tested to insure gas tightness.

The glove boxes are available from High Vacuum Technologies.

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