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Solar Powered Wireless Gate & Driveway Alert is ideal for mine sites, wineries, building sites and any other large property where an audio alert or warning is required for any person or vehicle coming through a certain zone.

Reliable gate alert without false alarms

  • The wireless Gate & Driveway Alert detects people and vehicles using an invisible photo-electric (PE) beam between two points up to 40m apart making it less prone to false alarms and weather changes
  • Gate Alert sends a wireless signal to a 12V receiver, which sets off a beeping tone as a person, or vehicle passes through the laser like beam
  • The main receiver is supplied with relay inputs and outputs meaning that if motion is detected up to 800m away (2.5ks with long range antenna) not only will the beeper sound but it can activate lights, siren, strobe etc as additional warning alerts
  • Options available for GSM text message alerts or a battery operated pocket pager
  • Up to 4 beam sets for each receiver
  • Optional Vehicle sensor or probe
  • Optional Panic Alert button
  • Optional Outdoor bell or light to activate upon motion

Excellent zoom capabilities for clear and accurate surveillance
The PTZ (Pan Tilt & Zoom) cameras are a very powerful security tool and deliver superior security monitoring when coupled with Hidden Camera’s innovative Solar Cam.

  • A PTZ can be programmed to tour hundreds of points, zoom in & out, 360 degree rotation however, a PTZ cannot pickup motion outdoors specially when it is set to touring.
  • The Solar Gate Alert system, when interfaced with the PTZ cameras and DVR, will program the PTZ camera to zoom in on any wireless Gate Alert zone as the Gate Alert detected motion and sent a wireless signal to the PTZ to perform a task  

Features include: 

  • Solar powered (about the size of an Iphone)
  • Motion sensor delivers a wireless pulse to the receiver up to 800m from the beam set
  • No cables or labour required
  • No power source or batteries required
  • Wireless
  • Additional peripheral devices available include wireless pocket pager or 3G modem allowing you to receive text alerts in the event that the office is unattended.
  • Relay from one point to another to achieve much longer wireless distance without interference or drop out
  • 3 year warranty
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