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Satellite Tracker and Messenger from Hidden Camera Surveillance Services

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article image The new Satellite Tracker and Messenger device, Spot

Hidden Camera Surveillance Services  has unveiled a new Satellite Tracker and Messenger device called, Spot. The Spot is useful for people hiking in the bush, boaties, rock fishermen, etc.

Wether you’re just checking in, allowing others to track your progress, or calling for help, Spot gives you a vital line of communication with friends and family when you want it and emergency assistance whenever and wherever you need it. And since it utilises 100% satellite technology, Spot works around the world, even where mobile phones don’t. Spot is also completely waterproof to 1m and floats.

Approximate size: (111mm x 69mm x 44mm)
Approximate weight: (209 grams)


Use this function in the event of a life threatening or other critical emergency to notify emergency services via satellite your exact location and that you need assistance.

How it works:

Once activated, Spot will acquire its exact coordinates from the GPS network, and send that location along with a distress message to Hidden Camera Surveillance Services’ Emergency Response Centre every five minutes until cancelled. The Emergency Response Centre notifies the appropriate emergency responders based on your location and personal information, which may include local police, highway patrol, the Coast Guard, country’s embassy or consulate, or other emergency response or search and rescue teams, as well as notifying your emergency contact person(s) about the receipt of a distress signal.

Unlimited Alert 000 usage is included as part of the Spot service plan. Even if Spot cannot acquire its location from the GPS network it will still attempt to send a distress signal, without exact location, to the Emergency Response Centre, which will still notify your contacts of the signal and continue to monitor the network for further messages.

Spot is designed for high reliability. Spot performs a self-diagnostic test each time it is powered on. Additionally, Spot recommends that an OK/Check message is sent and verified each time before use. This allows for the evaluation of the entire messaging system, from the operational condition of the messenger to the readiness of those chosen for notification.

Track progress:

Also known as Spot casting allows friends and family to follow your progress in real time using your password, or to save waypoints so you can review your entire route at a later date. Once activated, Spot acquires and sends your GPS coordinates to your Spot account every 10 minutes. Anyone with access to your account information can log on and view your route, complete with virtual views provided by Google Map.

Four simple functions

911- Press and hold the 911 (now 000) button to alert emergency responders of life-threatening events. The Emergency Response Centre will work with public response agencies around the world, and call your emergency contacts to find out more about your situation and keep them informed of rescue progress.

GEOS works with all rescue agencies from the Air Force Rescue Coordination Centre and Coast Guard to local urban and rural 9-1-1 call centres. Optionally, GEOS will also dispatch private rescue agencies in those countries where public resources won’t do. 000 sends a message and location update every 5 minutes until cancelled.

Help – Not every situation is life-threatening. Run out of fuel? Snap a mainsail? Need a Tow? Press Help to let friends and family know where a person is and his situation, or notify the local boat towing affiliate. They’ll get a text message on their mobile phone and an email with a link to Google Maps so they can assist. Help sends a message and location update every 5 minutes for 1 hour or until cancelled.

Check-in – Lets contacts know that a person is okay, or save the location for later viewing on the Spot web service using Google Maps. This system also allows the spouse know that about the late running, mark where the fish are biting, or just remember a special place. Contacts can get a text message with the GPS location and an e-mail with a link to Google Maps. For maximum reliability, Check-in sends the same message from the messenger three times, and delivers the first to all contacts.

One has to press and hold the “OK/Check” button for 5 seconds. Then, Track Progress updates the location every 10 minutes.

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