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Company Focus: Solar Wireless Gate & Drive Alert from HCSS

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article image The solar powered point to point photoelectric sensors can be set up to 40m apart

So far in this series, we have primarily focussed on HCSS surveillance systems that can incorporate a 3G or GPRS modem, making them ideally suited for the off-site monitoring of industrial sites and equipment.

Here, we will look at a system that is intended specifically for use in active, on-site monitoring applications, as instead of using a modem to relay alerts to a nominated email address or mobile phone number, it is designed to send a wireless alarm signal directly to control room monitors for immediate action by security staff.

Solar Powered Wireless Gate and Driveway Alert Systems

HCSS's wireless gate alert kit is a simple DIY solar powered point to point photoelectric invisible beam that can be set up to 40m apart. This system is designed so that when the beam is broken by a person or vehicle, the mini built-in transmitter sends a wireless signal up to 800m or more (using optional long range antennas) to a dual channel receiver.

HCSS offers two versions of this system, one that is designed to simply provide an audible alarm when the beam is broken, and a PTZ compatible model that can be easily interfaced with the company's multi-channel D1 digital video recorder to provide advanced recording capabilities.

If using the standard audible alarm system, when the beam is broken, the dual channel receiver sounds a 'beep beep' tone announcing that the perimeter beam has been breached, alerting security staff to the incursion.

With the PTZ compatible model, the receiver is supplied with relay outputs which can be easily interfaced with HCSS's multi-channel D1 digital video recorder. In this system, when the beam is tripped the receiver triggers the PTZ camera to zoom into the zone or area of concern.

The DVR records the activity as an event, whilst an alarm relay is sent to the control room monitors. All DVR triggered events are time and date stamped for easy remote access, remote playback and archiving.

As with many surveillance solutions offered by HCSS, the wireless gate alert kit is completely solar powered, eliminating the need for cabling of any sort.

The receiver utilised by the system is a 12V device about the same size as a cigarette packet. Installation is as simple as connecting the mini antenna to the receiver and plugging into a 240V power point. This receiver is a dual channel system, meaning that an additional beam set can be installed in another area if desired. If set up in this way, the base receiver will emit a different tone for each of the two zones so that security staff can easily differentiate between the two.

The supplied receiver is enabled with both relay inputs and outputs plus an optional pocket pager so that an onsite security patrol guard can be immediately notified to any zone incursion which is particularly useful if the guard is not in the actual control room at the time. The receiver relays also allow for triggering of other devices such as a Flood light, siren or strobe, even sending a text alert to a mobile phone/s if one or more zones are breached.

The wireless gate alert kit is also available as an option with the Solar Cam range mentioned in the first part of this series.

A six channel receiver with relay inputs and outputs is available for sites that require a more sophisticated surveillance system.

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