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Company Focus: Flood early warning systems

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In the first part of this series, we introduced the diverse range of surveillance solutions available from Hidden Camera Surveillance Services , as well as discussing the company's standard solar powered 3G motion activated security cameras.

Here, we will continue our discussion by focussing on an innovative solar powered flood early warning system available from HCSS.

Solar Smart Flood Early Warning Systems The Solar Smart flood early warning system is a wire-free water level monitoring camera system that is suitable for remote monitoring of rivers, waterways and culverts.

As it is powered by an internal solar charged battery, HCSS states that this wireless camera system can operate indefinitely, requiring a battery replacement only every one to two years. It is this minimal maintenance requirement that makes the Solar Smart ideal for remote locations.

Internally, the Solar Smart system features a fully integrated ultra low power digital camera with a GPRS modem, equipping it with similar functions as the Solar Cam range discussed in the first part of this series. Users, then, can fully control and configure the system via SMS commands.

Images are automatically and immediately sent to a map based web page for multiple access monitoring, and are also concurrently stored on an internal, removable 2GB SD card to ensure they can be used in any potential legal proceedings that may arise from recorded unauthorised access.

Encased in a weatherproof housing, the Solar Smart includes a sun shield and solar panel, both with adjustable mounts. A choice of wide angle or telephoto lenses for the camera is also available to suit the area to be monitored.

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