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Clock radio camera from Hidden Camera Surveillance Services

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Hidden Camera Surveillance Services introduce the new AM FM Radio with covert alarm clock Digital Video recorder with motion detection recording and full memory over write function, MPEG4 compression. The clock camera range is ideal for covert surveillance and the perfect choice as a Nanny Cam.  With built in motion detection recording, the camera is NOT constantly recording a whole lot of nothing.  The DVR can be pre programmed to take video footage, (time and date stamped) and saves the video to the memory card. The larger the memory card installed the more video it can store.  So, depending on the recording settings, speed, recording quality, recording duration and the amount of motion the camera detects, these factors will determine how much recording the memory card can store.

Features of the clock camera range include:

  • Motion activated covert video camera with huge recording capacity (even days or weeks of recording) Digital Video Recorder (DVR) all built in Hidden colour 480 TVL CCD pinhole camera built into the clock and high quality
  • The clock camera features a built in battery backup feature. The internal battery will take over only when the power is disconnected. Adjustable stand for uneven surfaces 2 Band AM FM radio with dual alarm clock
  • Mirror projection display
  • The clock camera is very discreet and ultimately very covert
  • Audio is of high quality 
  • Wireless remote control supplied
  • Automatically records video to the inbuilt SD Card when motion is detected
  • Extra large LED display is included on the clock camera
  • Time Projection Display
  • Ideal covert security for your home or business
  • Sensor type - Colour CCD 480 TV Lines and low light  recording capability
  • SD card support  - 2GB to 32GB
  • Recording Maximum: PAL 25 fps @ 320x240 (real time) or 12 fps @ 640x480 (cartoon speed)
  • System NTSC or PAL Video System and Video Loss Auto Detection
  • Output: 1 CH Composite Video Line Out
  • The clock camera offers a video file size -10MB
  • Recording Quality: Low, Medium and High
  • Input: 1 CH Composite Video Line In Video

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