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Making accurate mobile measurements of seawater contents with FiberLight lamps

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article image The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute uses FiberLight in an ISUS analyzer

Water analysis is a very important requirement in the marine research and the fishing industry. Environmental monitoring ensures that dangerous chemicals in water are controlled and used in accordance with the legal safety regulations.

Special lamps from Heraeus Noblelight enable water analysis directly on site, especially if the aim is to test the quality of seawater in the deep sea just above the ocean bed quickly and safely.

Biochemical analyses at a depth of 1000 metres:

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) in Monterey, California uses FiberLight in an instrument called the ISUS analyzer. At a depth of almost 1000 metres, this remote-controlled device measures the nitrate, bromine and sulphur compound content at about one centimetre above the ocean bed, the so-called benthic boundary layer (BBL). This zone is of interest to marine biologists due to its influence on microorganisms and nutrients for fish.

In this ocean border layer there is also a collection of anthropogenic, environmentally hazardous substances, such as pesticides and other organic compounds. The FiberLight light source helps researchers to identify and accurately and precisely determine these substances with special spectroscopic methods for biogeochemical analyses.

Highly sensitive analyses with FiberLight:

Many mobile spectrometers have small deuterium lamps (Heraeus FiberLight) with low power consumption and long working life as their light source. FiberLight is a very compact light source for UV light and the visible spectral region (from 200 to 1100 nanometers). The heart of a FiberLight is an electrode-less deuterium lamp, which is stimulated by high frequency. The construction of this miniature lamp enables mobile UV spectroscopy with portable, battery-operated devices.

A compact light source for mobile spectroscopy, FiberLight is a complete system consisting of lamp module (deuterium and tungsten lamp in a shine-through arrangement or a line source), shutters and an SMA fibre-optic connector, and offers low power consumption; instant lamp ignition and instant stability; and cyclic operation.

FiberLight is available from Heraeus Amba Australia .

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