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In-line high frequency sealing machine

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article image Helix’ high frequency sealing machine

HELIX Packaging Systems has designed and supplied what could be Australia's first automatic high frequency in-line jig conveyor style sealing machine.

The first production machine is sealing two pan blister shells for DVD security. There are many applications for this type of sealing machine. It is mainly used for security and anti-pilfering of electronic, vehicle and computer parts.

Most sealing uses fairly thin plastic material and this allows for easy opening and removal of contents. This process uses much thicker plastic which cannot be sealed together by the normal heal transfer method. Instead, high frequency electronic waves concentrated in a defined arrangement agitate the thick plastic until it becomes malleable and under pressure adheres together.

Full service and parts support is the normal policy for Helix covering all machines they make or supply. They are also willing to help where possible with the service of non-Helix machines.

With this machine Helix has used its design and manufacturing experience in the automatic (convenience meal) tray sealing machines of which they have a large range. It then married this jig conveyor system with a high frequency generator/sealing jig interface. The machine can be single or multi line depending on customer requirements.

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