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Rotary Can Fillers from Heat and Control

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The Rotary Can Fillers from Heat and Control offer precise, continuous motion and filling of dry free-flowing products into cans, jars and canisters.

The servo motor drive system in these can fillers optimizes the time for filling and settling, while maintaining continuous motion for maximum output. Sensing controls make sure that no product is discharged when there is no container, and that no empty containers pass through the system during normal operation.

The following are other features of the Heat and Control's continuous motion Rotary Filling Systems:

  • Fast, accurate filling: continuously fill up to 90 containers per minute without jams, product spills or discharging empty containers.
  • Jam-proof filling: a single lane conveyor delivers containers to multiple starwheels which positively position them beneath the rotating funnel wheel. Adjustable conveyor side guides assure containers advance through the filler without jams and downtime.
  • No empty containers: empty containers never pass through the system because the filler stops until the weigher is ready to discharge product.
  • Eliminate product spills: if a container is not in position, product is not supplied to the funnel wheel. After filling, a vibrating plate gently settles product before discharging containers. 
  • Adjustable can height: easily adjust the funnel wheel for different container heights. Star and funnel wheels are also available for various container diameters. 
  • Simple maintenance: stainless steel and plastic product contact surfaces are built for IP65 washdown. Lift-off safety shields allow complete access for cleaning and service.

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