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article image Perfect for skid conveyors.

THE uni XLB K318, available from Heat and Control , is ideal for skid conveyors.

Skid systems provide a steady material flow of various automotive parts through the full manufacturing process. The problems associated with old skid systems that employ roller lanes or woven belts are eliminated with the XLB K318.

No lubrication is needed when operating the XLB K318. The material employed in the machine contains additives, reducing the electrical resistance and helping to dissipate static electricity. Noise level is reduced.

The XLB K318 features positive sprocket drive, which produces full syncronised movement of parallel lanes, thereby guaranteeing the correct position and orientation of the skid. This stops the slip on friction driven belts causing a misalignment of the skid.

The product’s compact construction and a transmission with sprockets enable a low building height with high traction force.

The XLB K318 can be applied in a number of industries including automotive, carwash, furniture, wood, paper and cardboard.

The XLB K318 fits in existing appliances.

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