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headus (metamorphosis) provide a wide range of 3D scanning products and services, ideal for a range of industries including mining, defence, health and entertainment.

3D scanning
headus (metamorphosis) offers 3D scanning services, with the capability of capturing the shape and colour of objects from small (around 20mm) through to very large (up to 20 metres or more):
  • Small objects – With the use of the Bruekmann smartSCAN 3D-HE, headus can provide on-site 3D scanning. With a range of lenses, a diversity of scanning resolutions are possible, up to 20um. The Breuckmann scanner captures colour as well as geometry
  • Head scans – Using the latest Cyberware technology, head scanning from headus uses 4 angled cameras to capture high resolution geometry and colour.
  • Full body scans – headus can capture a full body scan in just 17 seconds, with the four scan heads measuring geometry and colour. 
  • Terrestrial/large scale 3D scans - With the use of a Leica scanner, headus have the capability of scanning very large objects such as building as well as landscapes. These scans range in size from 2m to over 20m, capturing a point every 0.5mm
3D software tools
Headus also develop software tools for the use and manipulation of 3D scan data. These tools are supported on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems:
  • UVLayout – A stand alone application for the creation and editing of UV coordinates for 3D polymeshes and subdivision surfaces. UVLayout allows you to produce high quality, low distortion UVs in significantly less time that traditional methods
  • CySlice – A tool for the post-processing of dense polymeshes,  allowing the user to fit simplified SUBD or quadmeshes over the top, and then displacement or normal maps can be extracted to capture the original dense mesh detail
  • CySize - operates as a virtual tape measure, allowing the user to extract point, length, area and volume measurements from a wide range of 3D mesh data, not just 3D scans of people.
  • PlyEdit – Allows you to edit 3D scan dense meshes. It includes the usual tools for filling holes and sculpting, along with cut'n'paste and blending tools to incorporate parts of other scans to fill in missing detail
Operating since 1994, headus (metamorphosis) provide the ideal solution to your 3D scanning requirements for any application.

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