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3D tools from headus (metamorphosis)

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headus (metamorphosis)  offers a wide range of 3D tools. headus (metamorphosis) has developed several software solutions for 3D scan data. The 3D tools were initially designed only for the IRIX and SGI workstations. However headus (metamorphosis) has now developed the 3D scan tools for Intel Linux and Intel Windows 2000/XP. The CyEdit from headus (metamorphosis) facilitates to edit tools for Cyberware 3D range data. This facilitates grid editing. headus (metamorphosis) offers the Cyberware series of 3D colour scanners.

headus (metamorphosis) offers a wide range of scanning services using the Cyberware 3D scanner. headus (metamorphosis) also offers a wide range of digitalizing hardware and software products. The products and services can also be tailor made to match in individual requirements. headus (metamorphosis) is capable of offering solutions for any complex scanning issues.

The 3D scanning offered by headus (metamorphosis) is of superior quality and assure to provide stunning results. headus (metamorphosis) is progressing towards better performance and technical excellence. headus (metamorphosis) has undertaken several successful scanning project works and is known for completion of the project work within the stipulated time period.

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